ATI 785G board spotted

Gigabyte is first.

GIGABYTE HAD ONE of the first ATI/AMD 785G boards we have seen. It is called the GA-MA785GPM-UDH2, and has a lot of  goodies to offer.

Gigabyte 785G
The board in question

As it’s name would suggest, the chipset is halfway between the 780G and 790GX, coupled with the new 710 southbridge. This particular board is DDR2 based, but oddly only socket AM2+. The main step forward is integrated DX10.1 instead of 10.0, and that justifies an upgrade in the naming from HD3xxx to HD4200. Fair enough. Toss in 128M of DDR3/1333 sideport memory, and the board should be more than capable of  the most demanding desktop tasks and casual gaming thrown at it.

Other little bits to note are DDR2/1200 support, Ultra-Durable 3 design, twin HD decoders and dual BIOS support. Add in  the micro-ITX form factor, a low power Phenom X3, and you have one very slick home theater box.S|A

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