AMD to show off DX11 hardware tomorrow

40nm no less

JUST BEFORE NOON Taipei time on Wendesday, ATI is going to to drop a bombshell on the graphics world, showing off working 40nm DX11 silicon. Nvidia has yet to tape out a DX11 part or put a 40nm chip on the market.

The cards that will be showed off are Evergreen/Cypress, what is commonly referred to as R870. That code name however is not used internally, so if you ever see any leaked specs or charts with R870 on them, they are flat out faked. There have been several of these bandied around, but they are all laughably off.

AMD promised that they would have DX11 cards out on the market by the Windows 7 launch, and barring a massive and as of yet undetected problem, it looks like they will make that with ease. In the mean time, at the company’s Computex press conferences, Nvidia distinctly avoided any mention of DX11 or parts that run it..

Mid-day tomorrow, the winners and losers for the next 2-3 quarters will become very very clear.S|A

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