ATI GPU rumors abound at Computex

One right, one wrong

THERE HAVE BEEN a lot of rumors floating around about some near future ATI products. Lets quash them as quickly as possible so you can get back to avoiding work in other less productive ways.

The first card is the 4890×2, the long rumored dual high end part. Short story, there was no chance that it was coming out, and that is still the case. Why? Power use and…. wait a bit for more on that.

Next is the 4790(1), a card that has been spun in the press more than a garment sweatshop. This one is real, but it isn’t what you think it is. We are hearing that it is an R770, aka the 4850/4870 die, but fused down to 128b DDR5. The clocks are set at 750MHz core and 900MHz memory.

This card was originally meant to sell in eastern European and Russian markets, but we are told that availability has expanded to all of Europe. It may or not make it to the US and other markets, that will likely depend more on availability and customer demand.S|A

(1) We had originally called this part the 4730, but it will likely be the 4790. Apologies for the mixup.

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