Firefox 3.5 is now out

Better, faster, stronger than before

FIREFOX 3.5 IS OUT. Not much more to say, the browser that more than half of you use to read this with is now much better.

Our brower share statistics

From Google Analytics a few minutes ago

According to our stats, almost 55% of you reading this will be using Firefox, with less than 25% on IE. So what are you waiting for, click here and grab the latest version, it is only 7.7MB, and it doesn’t cost much. If you are using a real OS, click here, the last two columns have what you need.

Unlike the usual point releases, this one is feature packed, check out the release notes here. Some of the highlights are HTML 5.0 support, including the <video> and <audio> tags, Ogg Theora support for high quality movies, and a much faster Javascript engine called TraceMonkey. There is a lot more, but those are the biggies that an end user will likely encounter first.

Still here? Ponder this while things are downloading. MS won’t let itself make a secure browser because of monopolistic ulterior motives. The market is responding by not using IE even though it is being forced down users throats in Windows. The same is true for OSes, security isn’t taken seriously by MS because it would cost marketshare. Imagine what would happen if there was actual choice in the marketplace instead of back room deals to exclude anything non-MS?S|A

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