Nvidia starts cutting costs

Eerily targeted cuts

THE VOICES IN our head that talk to us and tell us the secrets of the industry are now saying that Nvidia is going to cut one of their most prominent people. It is going to be a sad day when he goes, working with this man was never boring.

OK, maybe we exaggerate, the pyramid slide for the phone briefings was boring the first time, and got even worse the next 47 times. That said, the voices are now telling us to get back on topic and point out that Derek Perez is leaving Nvida.

I will miss having breakfast with Derek in Taipei, the ‘rumble in the (now paved) jungle’ was an epic event. I guess I will never get my chance work with NV again either, I met the conditions set down at the ‘rumble’, but when I saw Derek this year in the same place, he left without saying hi. Twice. Well, once was across the hall at the bar, but hey, he was with friends at the time.

In any case, word has it that this is not a pleasant parting, although it will be spun as such. When we first heard about it weeks ago, it was slated for the end of the month or so. Given Nvidia’s ‘execution’ of late, this might be delayed for several quarters.S|A

Update: Look at the following picture, it is from Tweetdeck, with the author’s Twitter stream, the official S|A stream, and Derek Perez’s. The bits removed were only taken off to highlight the relevant posts, shrunk to fit the site. The originals are easily loacated on Twitter. Note the times, from left to right, 16:55, 16:39, 17:13. No comment necessary.

Twitter feeds for S|A and Derek Perez

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