Micro-USB3 connector turns up

CES 2010 17 new devices too

USB3USB3 IS JUST starting to come into its own, with 17 new devices including some nice motherboards and external HDs to show off the power. As devices get smaller, it is time to introduce the new micro-USB3 connector and cables.


Micro-USB3 connector as shown by hand model Jeff

The big news is the release of the micro-USB3 connector, an odd-looking dual connector that takes an older micro-USB3 and adds a bit to the side. It is backwards compatible with the older micro-USB2, but, well, it looks odd. The cable itself has 5 more wires in it, so it is a little thicker. Since they are finer cables, the end result is most apparent if you have the two side by side, like when IDE added the extra ground wires.

There are also 17 new devices certified for USB3 at the show, including the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 we told you about earlier, and an Asus P6X58D. Fujitsu has a notebook, the RMV-BIBLO NF/G70 and HP has one as well, but since their PR people go out of their way to be jerks to us, we won’t promote it.

Additionally, there are external drives, from Seagate, WD, and all the other usual suspects, as well as four new silicon vendors. The floodgates are opening up for USB3 and it will be everywhere soon, driven down the price stack in very short order. I can’t wait.S|A

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