Gunnar shows off 3D glasses

CES 2010 Nausea not included

GUNNAR OPTIKS brought its toys to CES and offered some solutions to the shiny screen syndrome along with easy on the eyes 3D.

It is offering two basic products. The first is a pair of glasses that are supposed to help with eye fatigue when staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Gunnar has some real world studies that claim increased performance and reduced eye fatigue while working on a computer for extended periods of time. It makes these claims based upon a constellation of effects including: increased visual resolution, increased contrast, sharper and clearer vision, reduction in glare and reflective light and “good stuff” flowing from that.

While S|A couldn’t test them for the required length of time to say whether or not that is a valid claim we can tell you that they did feel good while wearing and they offered an antidote to the glossy laptop screen problem. If you’re one of those who fight the shine from office lights or other lighting around your laptop during use Gunnar’s first set of glasses might be an option for you. The price ranges from $79 to $189 depending upon the style and options. It grind the glasses from prescription grade glass and so it can add its options onto your prescription if your within the -4.5 to +4.5 range of eye prescriptions. We’d also recommend them as a fancy fix for the fishermen out there. Hint, they’re polarized.

Gunnar’s fun stuff is the 3D glasses, named the E-Sport collection and available at places such as Microcenter or online if you need a prescription version. S|A’s short trial experience was a fairly crisp 3D view of the game. The movements were well defined yet not in your face. S|A has experienced enough nauseating immersive 3D experiences that this was surprisingly pleasant. The 3D version of their glasses offers a non-nauseating 3D experience. Designed for MMO players the frames have a flat and therefore headset compatible frame. It intends for these glasses to be wearable for those 5 hour sessions of WOW. If you’re a MLG or Major League Gamer they have a specially labeled line for you too. Priced between $89 and $149 for the 3D versions of eyewear the whole set-up for 3D gaming including the iZ3D monitor will set you back around $450 at the top end of the price range. Newegg currently lists the 22-inch version of the iZ3D monitor for $299. Not cheap but considering the monitor is usable without the 3D, not unreasonable either.S|A

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