More fun with curves

CES 2010 Dirt2 in DX11

OSTENDO OFFERED CES something better than 3D. Easier on the eyes, and way more enjoyable. However, it has a price tag to match.

Ostendo showed its CDM43 screens. These are curved monitors offering a CRVD – patented technology – viewing area of 240% of a 4:3 view or 180% of 16:9 view. The applications for these screens are in control centers, military training, and high end tech design. Fitting to Vegas the company demonstrated Dirt2 with a Logitech steering wheel, pedals and three screens cabled to an ATI 5-series card, running all three screens from one card with the Eyefinity Technology. The experience was, well, addictive. With each monitor costing over $6,000 MSRP the set-up S|A played with was worth about $20,000. Not a cheap set-up.

The specifications run like this: each screen is 43-inches diagonal with a native resolution of 2880×900 and a radius of curvature of 48 inches; response time is less than 0.02 milliseconds, the aspect ratio is 32:10, and it will take a single link DVI-D and HDMI. These babies are large and heavy so they need a more permanent home, but with the foot controllers and steering wheel with feedback built in, well, Dirt2 was enjoyable. Yes, we did crash. Driving tired with blurry vision doesn’t help.

We suggested that the company sell it to casinos for a full gaming experience and Ostendo thought that might be a new and fun market. So, maybe, next CES we’ll be out in the casino playing on one of these setups.S|A

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