Protex 3.0 protects the earth, systems and you

No, we don’t know what that means either

PROTEX 3.0, available in triple pack or singles. Oh, sorry. We were thinking about something quite different. Asus is apparently touting its latest mainboards under the Protex 3.0 banner, although we cannot help but think about condoms rather than motherboards, given a name like that.

The packaging features a warrior in a suit of armour holding a shield and a flash of lighting, as you do when you’re going to war, although it’s the slogan itself that made us giggle, “Protex 3.0 Protects the Earth, Systems and You”. We’re not quite sure what to make of it, but protection sure sound good, no matter what it protects, right?

Asus has also managed to stick a certificate of assurance on the back of the box that offers the following statement “ASUS’ exclusive PROTEX 3.0 technology is certified by credible organizations to provide total care to the environment, equipment, and users”. We’re so to say that we can’t offer any insight into what this statement is supposed to mean, but below it there are several stamps for various important organizations, of which we only recognize a couple. But who cares, right? The important thing is the fancy logos.

Luckily there are more details on the back of the box that explains that by using this board you’ll protect the earth thanks to Asus’ EPU technology, your systems (sic) thanks to the onboard anti-surge technology and last but not least it “Protects You with 50 percent less radiation”. Once again we’re dumbfounded by Asus marketing team, as apart from the anti-surge part, the rest reads like pure mumbo-jumbo.

Of course this all ties in with the weird, scary and outright unpleasant press release that Asus put out towards the end of last week. We can by no means condone Asus’ message here, as despite as much as we can laugh at the amusing branding and fairly amusing text on the packaging, the message is still that these motherboards are somehow better for your health and that they’ll help save our planet, something that just isn’t true.S|A

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