Google to launch Gigabit speed Internet service in the US

Asks for very little in return

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED that it’s getting ready to launch an experimental fibre network in the US with speed of up to a gigabit per second. Google claims this is more than 100 times faster than the speed that the average American can get today and most likely the rest of the world as well, with a few exceptions.

Despite the rapid growth of high-speed Internet access, there are still huge groups of people even in what is commonly known as the developed world that are stuck using dial-up Internet access. Why? Well, because it’s too “costly” to provide broadband access to smaller communities if you’re to believe the telco’s. We don’t really buy this argument any longer and it looks like Google is set to stir things up a bit with its latest “experiment”.

Google is looking for a community of at least 50,000 people that is interested in getting its broadband provided by Google at gigabit speeds. Although Google also states that it will consider a community as large as 500,000 people. It’s now calling out for state, county or city officials to get in touch, although individuals can also nominate their community.

So what’s the catch? Well, that’s the thing, there doesn’t really seem to be one. Although Google does of course want something in return, but considering that what they want to do is try out next generation applications and new deployment technologies, it looks like a fair price to pay for the kind of Internet speed on offer here. Google is also promising to operate an “open access” network which will allow the end users to pick the service provider they like. There’s no word on who Google will be working with on this project, although this will likely not become clear until it all kicks off.

The end goal according to Google is to be able to develop a faster and better Internet for everyone, which sounds very noble. However, we’re certain that Google does at least have a few selfish goals here that aren’t mentioned, but no company would consider spending this kind of money without some kind of a return on the investment, right? So what are you waiting for, run along and apply as it might be your community that’ll be able to enjoy the fastest Internet speeds in the US. And Google, can you please bring this to more countries.S|A

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