CF/CFast 5.0 Prototype spotted

CeBIT 2010 Gems unattended sitting in the corner

SuperTalent iconPOKING AROUND CEBIT has it’s benefits, especially if you know what to look for. At the SuperTalent booth, it looks like we found a prototype SATA2 CF/CFast card.

Cfast 5.0 

Next Gen CF/CFast 5.0?

SuperTalent did not talk about the unlabled card sitting quietly in the back of its booth. It was titled “CFast card”, which is the term for SATA based CF cards. The label beside it had only three bullet points on the spec sheet, “NextGen CF card”, “Speed up to 300MBps”, and “SATA interface”. It looks like we have an unannounced product.

Couple that with the CF organization’s press release from a week or so ago, and one would guess that this plain silver card is one of the first CF5.0 parts out there. Luckily we found it before it got a silly marketing name. As of now, it is just bigger, faster, and more robust than its predecessors. Until it gets the obligatory silly name, there is a lot to like in those features.S|A

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