USB3 flash drives are finally affordable

CeBIT 2010 Supertalent breaks the $70 barrier for speed

Super Talent logo iconSUPERTALENT IS SHOWING a line of storage and memory products that range from consumer toys to serious enterprise level kit. The best one is the last missing piece of the storage puzzle, an affordable USB3 memory stick.

Supertalent Express

Affordable is now available in USB3

The best thing in the SuperTalent booth, and probably the most significant at the show so far, is the cheap USB3 Flash drive. You might recall the SuperTalent USB3 RAIDDrive a few months ago. That beast is capable of 300+MBps reads and 160+MBps writes, and the new one isn’t quite half of that, 130MBps read and 42MBps write. Why is it so cool? Price. The new drive, called the Express, is going to be less than $70 for a 16GB stick. Useful speed and useful price, what more do you need for a product to be a winner?

If you want something a little more upscale, there is the SuperCrypt drive. Think of it as an Express with hardware encryption, and available in sizes from 16GB to 256GB. Actually, the SuperCrypt is faster than the Express, but nowhere near the RAIDDrive. It is obviously a bit more expensive, but now you can get USB3 products from low to high end, fast to really really fast, all from one place.

Moving on to traditional RAM, SuperTalent once again has overclocking DRAM. They sport Corsair-esque fins on top of the chunky aluminum heatsink, and come in normal, Speed and Performance lines. You can get X58 and X55 kits with low latencies or speeds up to DDR3/2200.

Rubber fish

Sharks, Killer Whales and Sailfish ahoy

The last set is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore small rubber sea creature USB stick fetishist out there. SuperTalent has not one, but three small rubber sea creature USB sticks, a shark, killer whale and sailfish. What more could you want from a rubber sea creature USB stick? Buy 73 now before they are all gone.S|A

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