Nvidia forces garbage on those wanting GTX480s

You must buy 80 cards before you get GTX480/470s

Nvidia world iconNVIDIA IS TWISTING the arms of e-tailers over GTX480s, forcing them to clean out the warehouses of old inventory if they want the new cards. If you want any allocations of the GTX470 or GTX480, be prepared to buy lots of low end cards.

The deal goes like this. If you want any GF100 based cards, you get them in bundles of 10 GTX470s and 10 GTX480s. For each of the bundles, you have to buy 20 G210s, 20 GT220s, 20 GT240s and 20 GTS250s. So basically you have to buy 80 old, crap parts to be eligible to receive just 20 of the newer and supposedly ‘good’ ones.

While this will no doubt work, at CeBIT it was very clear that the retail sales for the 2xx series cards were softer than the runniest of European cheeses, and returns are very high. Supplanting the 2xx series with the 3xx series didn’t help either. So now it is time to clean out the warehouses, no doubt lacking the usual rebates and MDF kickbacks.S|A

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