Intel to get back into gaming graphics

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Intel LogoEditors Note: Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing the Bumpgate Series with some additional commentary, updates and information.  We are reprinting some of the often referenced articles that originally appeared on the Inquirer. Some will have added content, but all will be re-edited from the originals as per contractual obligations. You may see some slight differences between the two versions.

This article has had some of the original links removed, and was published on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 06:06AM.

THE MOST INTERESTING thing about E3 so far is the news from Intel. No, not officially, they don’t open for a bit yet, but the birds singing outside my bedroom window carried the news. Said birds sang that Intel is about to get back into the gaming GPU market. No word on specs yet, and it is early in the program, but I would think by this time next year you should see official progress.S|A

Updated May 17, 2010: This was the first rumbling of what led to Larrabee. Several people told me it was real, but no one directly mentioned the L-word at that time. -Charlie

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