TUL shows off DIY AIO PC at Pre-Computex event

Powered by AMD and Ubuntu

EVER WANTED WANTED TO build your own All-in-One PC? TUL might have the solution you’ve been waiting for if it’s the case, as the company was showing off its DIY All-in-One PC today at a Pre-Computex press conference. The system on show was running Ubuntu Linux and had an AMD processor and chipset.

We don’t have a ton of details of this nifty little machine, but it appears to have a 21.5-inch Full HD screen and we were told that it gobbles up a standard mATX motherboard. The demo unit had a 785G board in it, but other options will be available. We’re going to dig out some more details for you once the show kicks off, but we just wanted to put up some pictures of this somewhat unusual system.

One interesting thing is that there are HDMI and component video inputs, so you could connect anything with either output to the display. As Linux doesn’t support Blu-ray movies, TUL told us that this was a way to get around it. As you can see, the rear I/O layout is rather unusual and we’re guessing that there’s an internal PCB that connects to the ports on the motherboard. Not an ideal solution, but it does at least allow for great flexibility when it comes to the choice of the internal components. The optical drive is also mounted on the top of the system, something we haven’t seen on other All-in-One type systems.S|A

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