Gigabyte to launch 11.6-inch notebook at Computex

Convertible tablet with Core i processor

THE DAYS BEFORE Computex don’t tend to be as hectic as they’ve been this year, but it might have to do something with the local companies wanting as much attention as possible ahead of the show, as the past year hasn’t exactly been great for most of them. Gigabyte’s notebook division has unveiled a few details on its new 11.6-inch convertible notebook that will be launched at the show, alongside the first picture of the M1125.

Unlike Acer’s 1825PTZ which features a low power CULV processor, Gigabyte has gone for an unspecified Core i processor in the M1125. Judging by the picture, this makes the M1125 slightly chunkier, but we’d guess that Gigabyte is using one of Intel’s low power models here, just as Asus is doing in its upcoming 12-inch notebook. The general design looks similar to several Acer notebooks, although not specifically the 1825PTZ. This is actually a good thing, as Gigabyte’s notebooks have been lacking in terms of design ascetics.

Gigabyte as also added USB 3.0 connectivity which is slowly becoming a popular feature on notebooks. The only other ports that can be seen from the picture Gigabyte sent out is a D-sub connector, a docking port intended for an “innovative docking station that includes an optical disk drive”, an Ethernet port and a couple of front audio jacks. It also has a webcam and Gigabyte has jumped on the chicklet type keyboard trend. The screen does of course feature touch technology, but again, we don’t have any details as to exactly what type of touch screen Gigabyte is using. We’ll get you more details on this new notebook and everything else Gigabyte is getting ready to unveil at Computex next week as soon as we hit the show floor.S|A

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