SemiAccurate’s AMD’s Magny-Cours contest video

Blatant and rampant favoritism abounds

AMD Opeteron LogoEVERY ONCE IN a while comes a magical moment when a lot of disparate things collide in the presence of a video camera. That, and a shocking lack of alcohol, lead to the first SemiAccurate video, an entry in AMD’s “What Would You Do With 48 Cores?” contest.

The answer is quite obvious to anyone familiar with high performance computing, but you should already know where this is going. No, not adult content, but Formula 1. Yes, the things that collided in such harmony are a family heirloom named after the reigning Formula 1 champion, Jensen Button, an Intel Nehalem EP server, Westmere CPUs for an upgrade, a Becton EX server, and the Gauntlett II machine in my living room.

These should have won us the 48-core Magny-Cours system, after all, it would have solved our problems entirely, making the world a more harmonious place, and bringing an F1 named solution to an F1 named problem. What more could you want? A Tempest machine? That is in the other room.

Of course, we didn’t win, something we can only ascribe to blatant favoritism at AMD. If you look at the ‘winner’, it blathers on about such trivial things as curing cancer, and didn’t even include one mention of Formula 1 or 80’s arcade games! AMD didn’t even put the entry featuring bacon in the top 3. We even wore a Zotac shirt as a tip of the hat to AMD’s graphic division, ATI. How can you compete on such a skewed playing field if those things didn’t help?

In any case, now that our wounds have healed a little, and SemiAccurate can finally post videos, we present our first one, our long lost entry into AMD’s “What Would You Do With 48 Cores?” contest. Enjoy.S|A



Editor’s note: We apologize for the confusion but this is not the exact entry to the contest.  The shorter version, entered in the contest was not as enjoyable and humorous as the longer take of the skit and so we thought it most important that you enjoy your sense of humor.

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