Nvidia GTX480M SLI notebooks spotted and benched

Computex 2010: Clevo has a lot of good stuff

Nvidia World IconIT LOOKS LIKE the GTX480M notebooks are floating, just like we said at CeBIT, and at Computex, they are the highlight of the Clevo booth. While the performance may not impress many enthusiasts, several of their other designs just might.

The three GTX480M notebooks are the X8100, the W880CU, and the X7200. X8100 is a PM55 based iSomethingmeaninglessandannoying5 based board with a 1920×1080 18.6″ screen. It can fit three HDs, a TV tuner, and a 3mp camera. Basically, it is a do-it-all gamer notebook and even has 8 gaming keys. The W880CU is a 17.3 inch model that loses a HD bay, 1mp off the camera and the gaming keys. On the up side, it gains IEEE1394 and eSATA ports.

The big boy is the X7200, an x58 (desktop) with an iSomethingmeaninglessandannoying7 CPU (desktop) and two GTX480M GPUs (mobile). It supports CPU overclocking, turbo memory, has a TV tuner, and a 17.3″ 1920*1080 screen. It is also thick. Really thick. And heavy. If you were expecting a thin and light laptop, you are going to be disappointed.


The opposite of thin and light by Nvidia

How well does it do? Remember, this has not one but two GTX480M GPUs, and an x58 based iSomethingmeaninglessandannoying7. With that, it powers it’s way to a 3DMark06 score of 16620! It’s hard to be excited about something that can be beaten by a single ATI mobile part with somewhere around 13% of the power draw.

Two times the heat

If you were wondering…..

From there, things get much better for Clevo, the T5100 is a nice corporate laptop, a thin, but not thin and light part with a docking station. It uses a QM57 chipset so it has full vPro support, a 15.6″ 1600×900 screen, a 2mp camera, and a 3G modem. Finally, a decent work laptop that can be whiteboxed by the non-big boys. About time.

Clevo docks

Docking stations make a comeback!

Next up is the M1100, the new Atom NM 10 based netbook from Clevo. It has all the usual suspects, 1024×600 screen, 3G modem and a 300K pixel camera. The real nice thing about the M1100 is not that it has a massive spec sheet but the case has a really nice rubberized coating that feels solid and grippy. It is black with a dark red pattern that is almost invisible if you are not in bright light, very well done.

Not to leave AMD out, there is the C4506Q, an Athlon dual core with an RS780MN chipset and a 1366×768 14″ screen. Nothing huge to write home about, but probably very inexpensive with graphics that punch above their price point.

Last up, Clevo has a new technology called MOFA or Magic Of Film Art. If you order more than 100 pieces, Clevo can print a pattern, logo, or picture on the back of your laptop. The print was very high quality and had a deep, wet look to it. They wouldn’t let us take any pictures of the laptops, but on the display they looked really good.S|A

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