Supertalent makes SAS SSDs affordable

Finally, a mass-market SAS SSD drive

Supertalent LogoSUPERTALENT JUST RELEASED something that the server world has been waiting for since the dawn of SSDs, a SAS SSD. The 2.5″ ShuttleCraft SAS SSD is the first affordable drive that is going to change how servers use storage.

The new SuperTalent dives don’t do anything you wouldn’t expect from a SAS SSD, but they are still going to change things. When the ShuttleCraft drives are released in July, there will be four models, 60 and 120GB SLC or 120 and 240GB MLC. The magic is in the interface, not the memory itself.

SAS will allow much larger drive counts, coupled with vastly more sophisticated controllers, and that means throughput that SATA drive systems can only dream of. While there have been a few SAS SSDs on the market prior to the ShuttleCraft, they tended to be very expensive and somewhat custom parts. For niche products, that was OK, if you had to have both SAS and SSDs, it was probably worth paying for.

SuperTalent will change all of that. Prices haven’t been released yet, but once a part goes from niche to mass market, it usually takes a zero or two off the price. Keep an eye on this drive and the whole affordable enterprise SAS SSD market, it will make a big difference to server configurations.S|A