Nvidia GT 425M tips up in listings

GF108 or renamed G218, that is the question

Nvdia world iconIS NVIDIA UP to it’s old renaming games, or is it about to launch the second hottest GPU in the world? In any case, the Nvidia GT 425M GPU is turning up all over the place.

Asus Nvidia GT 425M

This one says DX10

Asus Nvidia GT 425M

This one doesn’t

Asus Nvidia GT 425M 

This one isn’t specific

Asus Nvidia GT 425M

The last one is also vague

Short story, as you can see above, there are tons of places that put up a new Nvidia GT 425M, a mobile part with 1G of GDDR3. Most of the places show the part as a DX10 device or are not specific. At least one shows it as DX11, but all say that it isn’t out yet. They all have it in a new 17″ Asus notebook.

The GF106 is due on September 13, and the GF108 has been slated as ‘before the 106’, so sometime between now and then. You have to wonder if this is a GF108 cut down to sillyness, or it is a renamed G21x. The GDDR3 suggests it is a G21x, the GF10x line is GDDR5 only. If Nvidia does throttle a GF10x with GDDR3, it will be breathing down the neck of Intel graphics for performance. That isn’t a complement for either side.

In any case, it won’t be long until the world gets another yawner of a GPU. Prepare to be underwhelmed until you get a spot burned into your leg from the lastest Fermi part. Whoopee?S|A

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