Hear Ye Hear Ye… Free Stuff!

CoolIT Systems has excess inventory

Brethren, the CPU cooling gods are smiling down upon us today.  For it is so written that he who crameth many GHz into small spaces must surely encounter heat dissipation problems.  Enter our merciful savior CoolIT Systems, whose compassion for the cooling challenged ends at 100 people… on August 18th.

Cleverly assuming that the masses enjoy free stuff, and YouTube, CoolIT Systems has annouced a video contest running from August 4th-18th, 2010, where you are tasked with creating a video depicting alternative uses for your CPU’s old air cooler.  The winner will receive one of 100 available CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Liquid Coolers worth about $75 USD.  Unfortunately, they have already taken the ideas of: bottle opener, back scratcher, gangsta bling, slap-chop, rolodex, dog toy, and hockey puck, along with a few others in order to make you get a little more creative.  The official contest informational video can be found here.

We fully expect S|A users to win at least 98.2 of the available 100 prizes, so if you are feeling up to the task, post a link to your winning entry in the forums.  Just don’t be stealin’ my Katy Perry heatsink bra idea mmm-kay.  S|A

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