Logitech launches new wireless trackball

Gets unifying receiver, laser tracking and a tweaked design

NOT EVERYONE LIKES to use a mouse and touchpads are something of a hit and miss depending on what you prefer. The third alternative, the good old trackball is still around for those that are looking for a different way to control their computer and Logitech has announced a new model today in the Wireless Trackball M570. The new model features a tweaked design which should make it more comfortable to hold than the older TrackMan Wheel and Logitech has also added a few other new features.

The most obvious change is the blue trackball, where Logitech in the past has used red trackballs. It has been paired up with a new laser sensor in favour of an LED sensor found in Logitech’s older trackballs, which is meant to improve the accuracy. As with the previous models the M570 features a pair of buttons as well as a scroll wheel, but Logitech has also added a pair of additional buttons that are programmable, but defaults to back/forward buttons for web navigation.

As with all new cordless mice and keyboards from Logitech, the M570 also features the tony Unifying receiver which allows multiple devices to be connected to the one and same receiver. The receiver can also be stored inside the battery compartment in case you’d like to take the M570 with you when you travel. It’s powered by a single AA battery which Logitech claims is good for up to 18-months of battery life and the M570 also features a battery power indicator and an on/off switch.

At $59.99 we can’t but feel that the M570 is somewhat overpriced, considering that the older model has a list price of $49.95 and the M570 doesn’t look like a significant improvement with the exception for the new receiver. Then again, trackballs are something of a niche product and it’s still significantly cheaper than Kensington’s equivalent wired models and that doesn’t take into the account that it might help relieve RSI.S|A

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