Romania takes home the win at GO OC 2010

Followed by Hong Kong and China

GIGABYTE’S GO OC 2010 took place in Taipei, Taiwan this weekend and it was 4.5 hours of fierce competition between 15 of the world’s top overclockers. The event took place in the Hua-shan creative park in Taipei and the competition was open to the public with exhibitions, events and lucky draws. Besides Gigabyte; Adata, Seagate and Envision were on location demoing products.

We have to admit that the competition wasn’t a nail biter, as Matose from Romania took the lead very early on by putting in results in all four benchmarks. The competition this time around didn’t include any graphics card overclocking, so the four benchmarks used were Super Pi, Pifast, MAXXMem and wPrime 32m. Super Pi was worth the most points and even had an extra two bonus points for the competitor with the highest result, unlike all the other benchmarks which had more even steps between the scores.

At one stage it looked like both the second and third place competitors – stephenyeong from Hong Kong and speedtime.wing from China – were going to beat Matose to the victory as they were no less than two points behind. Stephenyeong’s downfall was that he couldn’t get a result in MAXXMem, yet managed to beat his nearest competitor by over 10 points. Hopefully he learnt how to run the benchmark from a friendly competitor after the competition for a comeback next year.

Matose picked a cheque for $5000 as well as a huge selection of prizes from various sponsors, while stephenyeong pocketed $2000 and a slightly less expensive selection of sponsor prizes and finally speedtime.wing got $1000 and a smaller selection of sponsor prizes. Mikeguava from the US finished at 7th place with Sno.Icn being the second US competitor at GO OC 2010 finishing second from last at 14th place. You can find the final results from the competition here.

Gigabyte was very happy with the public turnout at the event as well as all the viewers that followed the live stream of the event. As with MSI’s MOA competition two weeks ago, Overclocking-TV was live streaming the entire event and will be posting videos from the event over the next week or so. According to Gigabyte the competition will be slightly different next year, as they’ll use a different set of benchmarks and we’ll see a graphics card element in next year’s competitions.S|A

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