Asus outs the GTX580 specs

Yawn, desperation is tiring

Asus logoLOOKS LIKE ASUS has jumped the gun on the GTX580 launch, putting it on their web site now. It confirms a lot of the specs, basically that the card is a warmed over GF100.

Asus screenshot

The big picture

The specs say that it is running at 772MHz core, 4008MHz memory, and has 1536MB of 384-bit wide GDDR5. The price is listed at 4799 as compared to the GTX470 at 2199. Comparing that to US etail pricing puts the GTX580 in the $500-550 range.

Asus screenshot close

Time for your closeup

Two interesting things, the first is that there is not a GTX480 listed any more, it is only GTX580 now. If that doesn’t give you a hint about performance, I don’t know what will. Look for a launch with canned benchmarks aplenty.

The other bit is we hear that allocation is quite low, with many countries not getting 10 cards for all the vendors combined. The US and some heavily watched etailers will likely get three digits of cards when production starts at the end of the year.

As a nod to the paranoid, one thing to think about. If this were a typo, IE the 4 going to a 5, the specs for memory speed and clock would not be listed as they are.S|A

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