SemiAccurate interviews the founder of AMD’s TFE conference

Dr. Gamal Refai-Ahmed tells all

TFE LogoA LOT OF people don’t understand what AMD is trying to accomplish with it’s Technical Forum and Exposition (TFE). Rather than go into a long rant, we decided to interview TFE’s founder, Dr. Gamal Refai-Ahmed.

The video goes into why TFE was made, and how it hopes to prime the technology pipeline, enabling future chips. It is one of those things that most enthusiasts never think about, they just assume the R&D was done by elves in a forest somewhere, and it will just work.

As you might guess, that is not how things work, and TFE plays a part in technology going from an elf in a labratory to high end CPU and GPU. This interview is a bit about the ‘how’ behind the show.

The video is split into 2.1 parts thanks to YouTube restrictions, and has minor edits to make things flow more smoothly. Enjoy.S|A 

Part 1 

Part 2

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