First GeForce 570 pricing leaks

Sub $400 price point confirmed

THE GEFORCE 570 isn’t expected to launch until next week Tuesday, but pricing of the new cards are already starting to leak out around the world. The price spread seems to be quite wide depending on the model and how much the card in question has been overclocked, although considering the price premium; it might make more sense to overclock the card on your own.

As for the US, the best price we’ve managed to find is for EVGA’s most basic model which is listed at $367.43, which seems fairly reasonable all things considered. It’s about $50-100 more than your average GTX 470 card these days, as it seems like the GTX 470 is currently in a price free fall with some cards retailing for $250 or less, not taking mail-in rebates into account. As for the GTX 480’s, well, they’re still  retailing for well over $400, although we’re fairly sure they won’t be for long, as the GTX 570 should perform close enough to make the GTX 480 a poor purchase.

We found three additional EVGA models, the first appearing to be another standard card, although retailing for a little bit more at $374.41. The two overclocked cards are listed at $389.49 and 395.30, a steep price premium for what appears to be an extra 65MHz on the core. Sadly those are the only details we have as to what has been overclocked on the most expensive model, as the online retailers that have listed cards haven’t exactly been very forthcoming with specifications.

If you live in the UK, then you’ll have to fork out quite a bit more, as the first listing there has the GTX 570 at £299.56, or about $472, although that price includes 17.5 percent VAT, but even without VAT, you’re looking at over $400. We didn’t manage to track down any other European pricing at this time, but we can’t imagine it’s far behind.

At the end of the day, we’ll have to wait for AMD’s response to see if the GTX 570 pans out to be a good purchase in terms of value for money or not. If the performance is in line or close enough to a GTX 480, it’s pretty clear that the GTX 570 will become a popular card, at least with those that prefer Nvidia graphics cards. Still, $350+ isn’t cheap for a graphics card, but we wouldn’t expect whatever AMD has coming out next to be all that much cheaper, as we’re still talking about high-end premium price products here.S|A

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