Launch day roundup for GeForce GTX 570

Like a GTX 480, but with a better looking model number

It’s an early Christmas for the minions of JHH, as Nvidia lifted the NDA on their GTX 570 graphics cards early this morning.  The card is essentially the paternal twin of the GTX 480 who decided to keep baking in the oven for a few extra hours compared to its sibling.    Read on for a list of our favorite reviews from around the Internets.
Essentially replaces the GTX 480, pricing at $350 is not aggressive enough, where the hell is Cayman?,2806.html
Toms Hardware:
  Faster, cooler, quieter, and less expensive than GTX 480, pair of 6850’s in Crossfire is a better value, where the hell is Cayman?
14% slower than GTX 580, 8% less power than GTX 480, 28% faster than 5870, 5% faster than GTX 480, 78% of all statistics are made up, where the hell is Cayman?
Small tweaks and a better cooler make this card a much better part than early Fermi designs.  If this had been launched instead of GTX 480, things might be different.  Where the bleeping frak is Cayman?
GTX 570 essentially EOLs 480, power, heat and noise levels comparatively better than 480, ATI drivers and image quality settings produce differing results, Cayman… we know you’re out there… come out come out wherever you are.
Hot Hardware:
Great performance, consumes less power than 480 but is still hot and power thirsty by any measure, ATI driver issues, Cayman could shake up pricing… where the hell is it?
Hardware Canucks:
14,756 PPD folding production, 21% faster than HD 5870, great temperatures and noise levels, wherefore art thou Cayman?
Legit Reviews:
Replaces GTX 480 and stomps on 470, good price relative to high-end performance, should be able to hold up well against Cayman when/if it comes out of hiding.

All the reviews seem to indicate that the card performs at GTX 480 levels, but is much more refined.  Pricing of the GTX 570 is expensive (but as Lars pointed out, it is an enthusiast level card after all).  However, these prices may not be stable in the near future as AMD launches Cayman in the next week or two which should shake up the pricing ladders a bit.  If you’re looking to spend $350-$400 on a computer graphics card, you’ve got a tough choice on your hands between a pair of HD 6850’s and a single GTX 570 depending on the features you need.S|A

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