Gigabyte reveals first glimpse of the G1-Killer

As part of a series of desktop wallpapers

GIGABYTE HAS BEEN extremely secretive about its G1-Killer motherboard which is set to launch at CES alongside its already revealed line of Sandy Bridge compatible motherboards. However, today the company revealed a small sneak peek of what to expect as part of a series of desktop wallpapers and although it doesn’t reveal too much in terms of details, it does give away some interesting features.

We know that there will be multiple boards in the G1 series and as such the board depicted is just one of the models, although what we don’t know is how many boards Gigabyte will reveal at CES. We’re also sworn to secrecy when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of the board and as such we can only discuss what can be seen in the desktop wallpaper, sorry guys and gals, we’d really like to tell you everything about the board, but you’re going to have to wait until CES for that.

The desktop wallpaper focuses on the chipset heatsink which looks like a clip from something like an AK-47 with a bullet visible at the top, a very unusual design to say the least. As for feature details, you can clearly see that this board uses triple-channel memory which gives away the fact that it’s most likely based on the X58 chipset and not the P67 as we thought judging by the first blacked out picture that was used.

Also visible are three x16 PCI Express slots and eight SATA ports as well as what appears to be a Marvell controller which suggests that the two white SATA ports are of the 6Gbps variety. A pair of BIOS chips are also visible in the picture alongside a 4-pin pin header for a fan, but that’s as much as you can see in terms of what anything in the picture. On the right hand side of the picture you can also hint a rather large heatsink of unusual shape, but we’re not going to spoil the surprise here and you’re just going to have to wait until CES to see the full board in its entire glory. All we can say is, Asus R.O.G. look out, there’s a new champion in town.S|A

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