Biostar’s G300 240GB SSD: A Review

Biostar’s making SSDs…


Today we’re looking at Biostar’s first entry into the consumer SSD market the G300 series. This particular model is the 240 GB version which sits in between the entry-level 120 GB model and the spacious 480 GB model. As we noted when Biostar announced the G300 series about a month ago these drives look like an interesting proposition based on their aggressive pricing and rated performance. Biostar tells us that the G300 will be available in the US market shortly.


The G300 has a very simple exterior design. Matte black all the way around with a bit of white lettering and a sticker with the technical info on it.

The G300 Series SSDs use a 4-channel flash controller hooked up to a SATA III 6Gb/s interface. This SM2256 controller from Silicon Motion launched back in mid 2015 and is apparently now cheap enough to make its way into Biostar’s G300 series.


In terms of performance the G300 is a little bit behind Samsung’s popular 850 Pro. But while the 256 GB version of the 850 Pro that we tested here cost $122 the 240 GB G300 costs about half as much at $66. The 120 GB model is $44 and the 480 GB model is $140.


Thus what we have in Biostar’s G300 series is an aggressive set of price points with near top-tier performance all in a simple and unobtrusive package. For a first go at the consumer SSD market Biostar’s G300 is a solid entry.S|A

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