Three things in Intel’s Q4/2017 analyst call should scare investors

What wasn’t said wasn’t said for a reason

Intel LogoThere are three technical tidbits in Intel’s Q4/2017 analyst call that should scare investors silly. They were spun as mere footnotes but if you follow the tech as SemiAccurate does, you understand how deeply troubling these three items were.

Lets first say that Intel did hit one out of the park on revenue, they reported record quarterly revenue in a record year. This is of course good. They also guided that 2018 would be a record year and raised their dividend by 10%. For some reason this drove the stock up, something SemiAccurate does understand the mechanics behind.

There was also a lot of talk about tax changes, money usage, and minutia that SemiAccurate doesn’t care about. What there wasn’t was any talk about tech, you know the one thing SemiAccurate does care about. Then again this is a financial analyst call, not a technical briefing but of late Intel refuses to talk tech there either, just lifestyle choices.

So with record numbers, what are we worried about? In essence there were three confirmations of things SemiAccurate has been saying for a while, and what they portend is worrying. Lets take a look at all three.

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