AMD’s Rome is going to be a monster CPU

Not the monster you expected, much more monsterous

AMD Epyc logoIf AMD stuck with it’s 2016 roadmaps, it would be in for a big fight with Intel next year. The roadmaps SemiAccurate and Fudzilla reported back then were not followed and the server market is no longer a fight.

This is the long way of saying two things, one we got the information right two years ago but that information changed and it is wrong now. The second part is that the changes make 2019 something far less than a fight and more of a steamrollering. Nope, shouldn’t have used that term, maybe bulldozering. Damn. Lets just say the roadmaps are vastly different from those 48-core behemoths envisioned back then. What is AMD planning? A 7nm monster called Rome.

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