Intel guts Cooper Lake as well

The flaming mess of Whitley just got worse

Intel LogoJust when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Intel’s server prospects, they castrate Cooper Lake. SemiAccurate has learned yesterday’s change to Whitley wasn’t the only big one of late.

Yesterday we told you about the change to Whitley that has OEMs and ODMs up in arms. In talking to a few sources we learned that wasn’t the only change, the Cooper Lake MCM was just castrated as well. It is bad enough that several OEMs are saying that the platform is dead to them with others strongly intoning they will skip Cooper and maybe Ice too. The word ‘mess’ has been used a lot around Intel’s server offerings but lately it has become inadequate.

About the only question now is why is Intel still bothering with the Whitley and Cooper Lake debacle? Unfortunately we can’t answer that one.

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