Microsoft Absolutely Screws Intel and AMD Over AI PCs

Opinion: This one is as bad as it is abrupt

Microsoft AI keyIt looks like Microsoft is turning on Intel and AMD over AI PCs. SemiAccurate thinks the whole AI PC hype is just that, but it is causing some major shifts in the industry.

Let us start out by saying that the whole AI PC hype is a few letters off, BS is more the right set to use. The hype is massive, the benefits are at best window dressing. Microsoft is pushing ‘AI’ not to benefit the users but to offload some very expensive costs from their datacenters to the user. Fair enough but the hype surrounding it has gotten out of control. Worse yet the ignorati on YouTube and the rest seem to believe it, or at least know where the money is flowing from. AI PCs are a joke.

That said Microsoft is pulling out the knife and absolutely <we can’t use the term here>ing their closest partners, Intel and AMD, over the category. SemiAccurate exclusively told you about when Microsoft would unveil their launch plans for the AI PC months ago. That said the time is nigh and the knives just came out. What are we talking about?

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