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SemiAccurate is a technology news site focusing not just on the new shiny stuff but the how and why behind the technology we use.  We cover a wide spectrum of topics from hardware reviews, theoretical technology, production, security and enterprise products.

Our  writers and editors are allowed to write what they wish as long as it meets S|A requirements:

1. The author feels it is true to the best of the author’s knowledge at the time of publication.

2. The author has the knowledge and experience to comment on the subject in a way that adds value to the story, topic or discussion.

3. The author and editor give any company written about in our pages the opportunity to comment and have their comment published as an update to an original article, separate article, or other notification. The choice will be at SemiAccurate’s discretion.

As a side note: We do not pull stories.  We provide updates to stories as well as a date and time of the update.  Any edits to stories are either due to typos, or inaccuracies whereby we are offered a correction from the source or other reputable provider of information.  If we are updating a story because of an inaccuracy we will note both what is being changed as well as when it is changed.  Small typos such as a spelling error will not be noted as an update.

None of the owners of the parent company of S|A own any stock, including any technology stock. Their corporate ownership is, as of October 2017, limited to the parent company to S|A.

S|A does not control their freelancers or writers as to what is done with samples given for review. The past history has been a mix of samples sent back to companies and samples that the company has not provided return shipping for, but may do so at a later date.

Charlie Demerjian, co-founder of SemiAccurate, started his writing career at The Inquirer under the watchful eye of Mike Magee. His first byline was in 2003 but there were several uncredited pieces before that at various places around the Internet. Although he went to school for various scientific disciplines, from biology to chemistry to genetics, his career always seemed to circle back to computers, some would call it an addiction.

He purchased his first computer in 1981, designed his first network in 1985, and was on the Internet a decade before the majority of the world knew what it was. Since the mid-1980s, Charlie has worked as a consultant designing and supporting networks for small businesses and non-profits in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

In 2003, the networking, science, and consulting work all came together for his first bylined article. Since then, he has written about everything from the products, the people, the technology, and the companies that make the computers you use. During the last seven years, he has uncovered some of the largest stories in technology, from AMD buying ATI to the science behind Nvidia’s ‘bumpgate’ mass chip failures.

Charlie currently resides in Minneapolis where he splits his time between writing, small business networking, and consulting for legal firms, private equity funds, and VC’s with questions about the science of the technology and it’s place within the current technology ecosystem. If you are interested in hiring Charlie as a consultant, either to learn more about large semiconductor companies or the underlying technology please contact Copper at SemiAccurate to schedule a call.

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Thomas Ryan is a freelance technology writer and photographer from Seattle, living in Austin. You can also find work on SemiAccurate and PCWorld. He has a BA in Geography from the University of Washington with a minor in Urban Design and Planning and specializes in geospatial data science. If you have a hardware performance question or an interesting data set Thomas has you covered.

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Leo Yim is our correspondent from the far flung reaches of East Asia.  Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English he’d rather be talking about computers no matter what language.  A true detail man he dreams of building gaming rigs from workstation class parts. Leo first began writing here at S|A after arguing with Charlie, and winning.

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Copper manages the SemiAccurate website –  both the front end and the back  – the writers and forums, and also troubleshoots issues and coordinates responses. Copper has successfully managed the start-up of two non-profit corporations, one controlling a budget of over $9 million. Playing D & D in 1987 on a VAX machine lead to a preference for Linux machines which continues today unabated. Although technology challenges are enjoyed, building dry stack limestone walls and eating bacon have much higher satisfaction ratings for Copper.

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